Spring Summer 2018 Trends

Beautiful beaches, seagulls squawking, that beautiful summer breeze and tropical forests, the plush greenery, beautiful glens and groves; it all sounds like a beautiful summer dream we had all been dreaming of since October 2017 and since the spring summer 2018 collections hit the runway. With a wish-list ready and the collections hitting the stores it is time to be informed of the various summer trends of this summer. With summer upon us it is not just the bodies that need a replenishing and rejuvenation but the wardrobes as well. Let us have a look at the raging trends of this season:

Shopper bags or Tote bags: Shopper bags have come back in a huge way this season. Throughout the fashion weeks from London to Milan, the streets were filled with women dressed to perfection accessorising their outfits with Shopper bags. Shopper bags are spacious, hassle free, easy to carry, sturdy and stylish. One can invest in a beautiful coloured shopper bag with interesting graphics to brighten up a boring outfit. Shopper bags are available in varying materials from canvas to leather to even straw! Printed fashion bags with interesting quotes and graphics of choice or some prints like floral can be used to stay au courant.

The Gucci Elton John Tote is a beautiful example of a luxurious hibiscus red soft leather tote with Elton John’s “Levon – Goodbye” vinyl EP cover print. It is a statement maker.

519335_0LDD0_6072_001_100_0000_Light-Gucci-Elton-John-large-tote (1)
Gucci Elton John Tote

Fluorescent Shades: The 80s are making a comeback with the fluorescent coloured sunglasses. These sunglasses are transparent, have a very tropical vibe to it and are very vivacious. A pair of these fluorescent shades over a plain white tee and denims can liven up the entire outfit. These shades are vibrant and also bold and also give the right amount of retro touch to an otherwise modern and contemporary outfit. Fluorescent shades can be teamed with various sunglass shapes specifically the sleek cat eye ones as seen on many runways and give a very sci-fi touch as well.

The fluorescent shades by Gucci are one such example.

Gucci Specialized fit round-frame acetate sunglasses

Geometrical and kaleidoscopic prints: This year geometrical prints are creating waves with the spring summer collection hitting the stores. These prints are simplistic yet add a massive amount of dimension to an otherwise minimal silhouette. Kaleidoscopic prints in various colours can be worn to complement the wider tropical theme of the summer collections this year. These geometrical prints along are setting the stage for an intergalactic and futuristic outfit.

Midi dresses: Midi dresses often give a persona of demure lady and this year they have made a comeback with various fashion houses coming up with new collections featuring midi dresses. A plain white midi dress in soft linen is perfect for the summer. A midi dress in doily lace too can be very beautiful and perfect for a lazy summer afternoon. The midi dress can also be intermixed with geometrical print for a new and different take. The midi dresses can be teamed with aforementioned trends for a complete outfit! The midi dresses are inspired highly by the 1940s era. Floral prints too go amazing with a midi dress. The following dress by Zara is an amazing buy:


Minimal Silhouettes: This is the year for minimal silhouettes. Amorphous outfits made out of languid fabrics, often ankle length is one of the major trends this summer. These outfits include maxi dresses. The outfits give a shapeless feel to the entire body and are very breezy. Most dresses are usually two toned to give an illusion of an hourglass figure and are a rager this season. The following dress by Zara is a perfect buy this summer:


Wide leg trousers: Wide leg trousers, wide leg denims are so in trend this summer. The wide leg trousers are slightly diluted versions of the bell bottoms and can be teamed with a t-shirt for a semi-formal look and a plaid jacket to make it more formal. Trousers in pastel colours will not only give the outfit a personality but make it a trendsetter as well. These wide legs trousers can also be teamed with bralettes for a more relaxed feel.

zara 3
Wide-leg linen trousers by Zara

The trends this summer have been a culmination of throwbacks as well as futuristic. The kaleidoscopic prints mixed with a 1940s midi dress accessorized by a retro glass is a complete look for the summer this season. Enjoy your drinks and enjoy the wonderful summer but don’t forget to be stylish and in trend.