Chanel Autumn/Winter 2018 Ready-To-Wear

The spectators of the Chanel fall winter 2018-19 show were in for a surprise when they entered a beautiful autumn forest, it was the Grand Palais really. The nine trees lined up and the floor carpeted with amber and dry leaves all gave a glimpse of what was to come. The runway was strewn with crunchy leaves and it made everyone wonder as to what had replaced the intergalactic theme of Chanel this year. Karl Lagerfeld’s focus on nature and autumn maybe came from his childhood years spent on his estate in Germany. One gets to think if it was nostalgia and beautiful childhood memories that lead to Chanel’s fall theme.

Karl Lagerfeld is known for his controversial statements specifically his vocal opposition to Angela Merkel’s open border policy however the collection was definitely shielded from any political views which actually was different because views specifically regarding gender roles, #metoo movement and feminism were personified in almost all autumn-winter collections of 2018-19, read about it here. Chanel’s collection was quiet and introspective, an appreciation of the beautiful things in life, something portrayed by the clothing on each of the model.

The entire collection gelled well into the setup of the show. The classic Chanel tweed in black, grey and various muted colours complemented the season of autumn. The ankle length skirt suits, thick scarves, furry jackets and capes, puffa jackets and so on were very outdoorsy and a personification of elegance. The puffa jackets especially, the elegant touch to it was very welcoming, something to probably team our sleeveless dresses with during the austere climate. The leaf print jackets too were complimenting the autumn theme of the collection. Accessories included fingerless gloves in bold neon colours while the footwear ranged from burnt gold flat heeled boots and simple tie up brogues.

While the entire show seemed to be much muted I personally appreciated it. With our tiring lives warped by social media, responsibilities, political turmoil and so on, sometimes all we need is a walk in our fuzzy jacket out in the nature to appreciate what is still there. Each of the pieces of the Chanel show seemed very neutral yet wearable. The relaxed atmosphere perceived was indeed soothing.