Valentino Women’s Fall/Winter 2018-19 Collection


The Valentino fall winter collection revolved around romanticism, the creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli presented elements of romanticism as not fragile but rather strong and powerful. Unlike most tragedies and the general notion of love weakening an individual, Valentino’s collection showed romanticism through a new lens.


Bold flowers over amorphous floor length clothing shows a new take on the concept of romanticism, a depiction of the contemporary world’s view on romanticism. Picciolo portrays romanticism through elements of individuality, kindness and etherealness. The contemporary element is embodied with floral hoods being actively used as an accessory during the show. The colours used are bold, ranging from black to fuchsia; each piece of clothing has a fluidity and elegance to it that represents independence, strength yet a touch of human emotions manifested by the bold flowers.

Valentino’s bold big flowers, vertical silhouettes and elements of masculinity are incorporated to form an informed view on femininity; romanticism is considered as a feminine aspect and hence weak however Maison Valentino’s collection picks out the elements of strength and weaves them together to show romanticism as powerful.

The collection is new and the only theme it seems to be inspired is that of romanticism. The emphasis on human emotions rather than material aspects is visible through covered clothing yet a touch of softness visible despite the austerity. Most collections in the fashion weeks this season have used throwbacks to different eras however the Valentino collection is new and refreshing to say the least and let’s not forget, inclusive.